NT3. Focus on trading.

With our new-generation, cloud-based power trading system, have the information you need available to you anywhere, any time, on any device.

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It's anywhere you need

NT3 is cloud-based: all your data is stored in the cloud and can be accessed over the internet from anywhere, any time. From your work computer, home tablet or on your phone at the airport, enjoy unlimited accessibility and performance.

It's secure

Because NT3 is run in the cloud, your data is always safe. No data is stored on user devices - instead, it is located at a secure TIER-4 data center in the Czech Republic. Regular backups and SSL encrypted connection guarantee maximum security.

It's maintenance free

Running the system requires no installation, it is simply accessed through your web browser. Because the system runs on a central server with 99.99% uptime, you always have the latest data available on any device you log in from. You also always use the latest version of the system that's available.

It's flexible

There's no limit on the number of users, traders, books or any other records in the system. It works miracles for one-person business as well as for larger organizations; it will always give you right the support you need.

It's simple

The system is designed as a robust and powerful tool that does not force you into overcomplication; you can use all or just some of it's features. Enter your basic data and enjoy all the valuable information it gives you based on that data. Import larger data sets easily from CSV files.

It's easy to set up

Creating your account only takes a few seconds. Pick an account name, your user name and password and you're ready to go; all other information can be entered at a later stage. If you need to transfer data from your old system, we can probably do that.

It's affordable

You can try the system out for free for a one-month period; we won't charge you a cent. After your free trial, we will charge you 0.005 € per MWh of deals booked in the system within any given one-month period: no other fees or charges apply. Eg., if you start your free trial on March 8th, it lasts until April 7th. We will issue your first invoice on May 8th covering the period of April 8th to May 7th, based on the total MWh's of deals booked in that period. Monthly invoicing will then follow.

Try it out for free
Based on tickets
Enter all your deals in the form of tickets that contain all related information such like the business partner, own entity, book, trader and volume & price details.
Multiple views
Use predefined views that give you a look at your data from different angles: see open position overview, scheduling view, cashflow/invoicing or current PNL views.
Data in all views can be filtered based on a number of criteria such like business partner, book, trader, and many more. All views can be broken down into individual tickets by a single click.
Creating custom definitions is simple - whether it's creating a new business partner, book, trader, country, payment terms or other types of records, it's just one click away.
There's no limit on the number of users that can use the system within your account; you can easily create new users just by filling out a few basic details. User access is created immediately.
User roles
Each user you create can be given the role of account owner, power user, standard or read-only user. You can also create read-only access for externals, such as your accountant.
Try it out for free